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We have launched Latino entrepreneurship education and research programs at Stanford University.

Who We Are

Executive Director

We are a non-profit??entrepreneurship organization based in Palo Alto, CA and are set on changing the world by helping Latino owned businesses and startups grow large and fast.??We currently have two programs at??Stanford University. One is the Stanford Latino Entrepreneur Leaders Program and the other is a research initiative on Latino business owners.

Our vision is to strengthen America by improving??the lives of Latinos through entrepreneurship research, education, and networks. We accomplish this through our mission??to dramatically impact Latino communities by empowering them??to grow substantial??firms that create jobs, develop leaders and spawn a new generation of Latino companies. Our goal is to double the number of $10+ million, 100+ million, $1+ billion??Latino owned businesses by 2020.

Why You Should care

The future of the American economy depends on a prosperous Latino business community. Why?

  1. Latinos are our??youngest demographic, with the average age of US born Latinos only 18 years of age!
  2. In the next 30 years 1 in 3 Americans will be Latino. This means 1 in 3 employees and 1 in 3 consumers will be Latino.
  3. If such a significant segment of our economy is unable to carry its share of the burden in providing qualified workers and prosperous consumers, the entire economy will suffer deeply.
  4. It is imperative that the current economic level of Latinos be raised as soon as possible. We believe the quickest way to accomplish this is through substantially increased levels of entrepreneurship that results in the creation of highly scaleable companies.

Latinos are prolific entrepreneurs, creating new businesses at a rate 3 times that of non-Latinos.??Yet, less than 2% of Latino businesses generate more than $1 million in revenue, which is 3.5 times less than non-Latino businesses. Just by going from 2% to 3% is the equivalent??of at least $40 billion in revenues and 200,000 jobs. That's too much value??for America??to lose.


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